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Interest Insights

We offer deep understanding of user interests via content association from all the photos and videos being shared, liked, and pinned.

Brands should have an understanding of the interests of their customers when they completed their customer of social profile but customers rarely keep this information up to date.

The image and videos that your customers consume reveal their interests now, and the information is always being updated.

Do not limit yourself to analyzing only text to build user interest profiles. InterestInsights analyzes image and video content on a user profile to help you understand their interests even better.


E-Commerce, Community Content Creation, Personalistion, CRM


Contextually Targeted Ads against Images and Videos

Whatever the content in your digtial assets we can use it to link to other related content or to e-commerce partners.  ContextConnect helps you place “ads” within images and videos with the best possible match of content to product. 

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Video Ad Insertion Optimizer

TubeScan can analyze video content to identify the most attention-engaging time-points within your video which are higher engagement and less viewer-intrusive for advertising content insertion either in-stream or overlay.  Tubescan combines well with ContextConnect making this advertising content incredibly relevant to the host content.

Video content is being created at a phenomenal rate and as internet connection speeds increase, video consumption increases logarithmically.   Make sure your brand is taking advantage of this engaging medium.


Publishers, Community Content Creation, Advertising Networks.


We provide solutions to Publishers with significant image and video content.

Content analysis when matched with the usual site visitor metrics, allows Publishers to truly understand the consumer activity of their site.   This helps evaluate content ROI but also helps the editorial process.  Knowing which content is working and not working serves all advertisers and editorial staff alike.

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Objectionable Content Screening

As the environment that brand assets appear in becomes more fluid it becomes more challenging to guarantee brand safety.   Additionally one brand manager may be happy with content that is not appropriate to another.  ImageAssurance is able to facilitate automated brand safety against the requirements of the brand.

Thus you are able to protect your brand against the following

Nudity, drug abuse, weapons and violence.

Our solutions help you protect your brand against these or any other themes.   For example: you may want to avoid advertising your product if nearby a image contains a certain competitor’s product or near news stories that may not be on-brand or category unfriendly.  


All of our solutions are mobile ready, with some specific applications having been created for clients wishing to leverage image and video analytics to give added functionality to  mobile applications for their customers.