E-Commerce Solutions

With a simple integration unlock the content within your image and video catalogues building customer preference information and thus optimising every click.


Leverage the almost magical power of our technology to channel customers to the products they love from content they have consumed on your site or those of affiliates.


Allow customers to search using the content that inspires them, whether it be from their own photos, shared content from social media or images from the publishers that they love. Use our visual indexing to open up your product catalogue to make it as easy as possible for customers to find relevant products.

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Additional E-Commerce Tools

You can win or lose a sale with the appropriateness of the product image used, and this can differ by customer.  Customers are drawn to the images they love, laid out in a way that is engaging.  We have great solutions to help put the right product image in front of the right customer.

E-Commerce sites are having to optimize their content and product shots within their sites and mobile assets to help drive stickiness and increase sales.

Some publishers drive the trends, whether global brand or local blogger.  Use their content to drive their readers to find the products on your site that are most relevant to the content consumed.

Update those user preference questionnaires with an exciting image based preference engine.  When you know your image content with forensic detail you can understand your users’ preferences at sign up and update the information whenever they consume content after login.

Give your users the content they want based on their active preferences.

Run your site through the Graymatics G3C Site Aesthetics tool to evaluate  your site layout and content types against aesthetic standards.  Thus enabling A/B testing of different site and product layouts.  Make the most out of your investment in product photography.  Use our holistic site analysis to drive increased dwell time and engagement.  Render your site the way your customers prefer and layout products to drive sales.  Your shop window is important don’t let your customer just browse on by.

Objectionable content depends on who is consuming it and every publisher has their parameters based on editorial and user profiles.  Graymatics G3C cloud engine helps you create ads for your affiliates and display advertising that get clicks without complaints from your publisher partners.

Classify advertising content for family consumption, and brand safety complying with parental, brand and publishers requirements..