Retail and Security Solutions

Retailers use our technology to understand the customer dynamics inside the store.  Space managers and governments use our technology to keep the public safe.


Analyse your CCTV feeds live or recorded to deliver highly detailed analytics around human and automotive traffic movements. Including incident identification and follow on processing.


Enable highly targeted and contextual advertising, messaging and recommendation services through digital signage, based on user activity and interactions.

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Additional Publisher Tools

Understand the dynamics of human traffic flow through retail environments and public spaces using our video analytics solutions.

Retailers can optimise staff, in store messaging and product arrangement to positively influence spending based on traffic as well as customer preferences.

Digital marketing and navigation signage can be tailored to demographics and context.

Mall and facility managers can improve human traffic flows, security alerts, and staff utilisation as well as utilise regular metrics including gender, age-group, ethnicity, emotion, pose, and frequency.

We help public and retail space owners to fulfil responsibilities around security and optimising resources.  We provide solutions around live and recorded video to automate incident detection as well as provide stats and metrics around human and automotive traffic.

Incidents such as falls, crowd buildup, security or even lude behaviour can be set up for automatic detection.  Graymatics G3C cloud engine helps your teams keep on top of unpredictable events.

Deliver content and messaging based on the demographics in store and the time of day, weather and mood.  Display contextually correct advertising and public service messaging in a customized way.

Sometimes it is necessary to analyse high volumes of video content very quickly.  Our platform scales to your requirements and performance needs.