Operator Solutions

 Leverage the increasing use of images and video to deliver more appropriate content and commerce to your customers.

Use our tools to help you ensure that you are providing content services according to the preferences of your users using active profiling.

Value added services tailored to your customer's preferences

Provide innovative services centered around people’s fascination with photos and videos your customers will love you for. Solutions include smartphone photo experience products through to grocery shopping apps.

Augment your customer data solutions with active preferences.

Drive users to the digital properties that are most important to them based on their visual active preferences. Integrate content and commerce to give an intuitive discovery funnel for your consumers

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Additional Operator Tools

For many operators diversified revenue streams are critical to their future.  Customers expect their operator to know them very well, and expect personalized services and content.  It is here that Graymatics solutions can help telecom operators augment their own big data solutions with highly effective personalization capabilities.


As connection speeds increase the consumption of  is becoming  images and video increase exponentially.  We have tools to help you ensure that you are providing content services according to the preferences of your users using active profiling.  We also provide brand safety solutions for your advertising clients.

White Labelling – For enterprise customers looking to leverage the data within their organisation and owned web assets, we can partner with you to offer white labelled video analytics as a service.


When operators operate as publishers and content owners, Graymatics can help to optimize primary and partner content on web sites and mobile assets to help drive stickiness and increase advertising revenues as well as facilitate increased e-commerce traffic.

Linking published content to e-commerce assets enables a very powerful sales funnel if done effectively.  Use the content on your sites to help your users find the products inspired by the content of the images and video on your site, on affiliated e-commerce sites, automatically with Graymatics ContextConnect.

Making an impact for your customers is incredibly important as their are so many over the top players obsessing about attracting them to their owned assets.

Providing exceptionally personalized content is the way to keep your users attention.  When you know your image content with forensic detail you can understand your users’ preferences at sign up and update the information whenever they consume content after login.

Give your users the content they want based on their active preferences.

Objectionable content depends on who is consuming it and every publisher has their parameters based on editorial and user profiles.  Graymatics G3C cloud engine helps you enforce those parameters with owned, user generated and syndicated rich media content.  If you have the capability we can also help you define profile based content strata delivering a personalized site experience to your users.

Classify content for family consumption, and brand safety complying with parental, brand and regulatory or monitoring agencies.

Run your site through the Graymatics G3C Site Aesthetics tool to evaluate  your site layout and content types against aesthetic standards.  Thus enabling A/B testing of different site layouts not just by resulting action but by the content and layout.  Analysis includes all page elements including advertising placement and syndicated content elements.  Use the holistic site information to drive increased dwell time and engagement.