Cloud Based Video Surveillance Solutions

Graymatics provides a cognitive multimedia analytics platform capable of transforming images and videos into meaningful granular data. We primarily offer CCTV based Video Analytics solutions to enable our clients draw critical insights from existing infrastructure all in detailed dashboards


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About us

Graymatics is a leading video analytics company founded in Silicon Valley in 2011. Currently headquartered in Singapore, we are a revolutionary cloud platform that enables automatic analysis and recognition of products within surveillance, telecom, media, advertising, retail and e-commerce.

Our Differentiators

Being one of the few video analytics companies in its’ field to offer such in-depth analysis, we offer a unique set of products to clients who might have been used to more traditional technology. We continue to remain the #1 choice for our clients as we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by staying up to date with industry trends

Industry expert in video analytics across industries i.e. schools, workplaces and law enforcement

Deep Learning models deployed in plug-and-play fashion

Highly optimized models with minimal hardware requirements in terms of RAM & GPU

Massive scale & depth in CCTV analytics at low cost

Easy Portability to Cloud platforms, Edge, Data Centre

Draw critical insights from detailed Dashboards

Continuous online learning for future-proof performance

Choose from over 100 analytics and enable multiple analytics in each CCTV

Our Solutions

Our solutions are developed upon extensive research and are tried and tested on various platforms to ensure nearly accurate results. Their application spans across different industries like security and surveillance, digital marketing, e-commerce, telecommunications and the Internet of Things.

Puerto Vista

Smart Port, a video analytical solution, can enhance the security and surveillance of the Port through a host of features like vehicle, safety, port and COVID analytics that include monitoring illegal parking and social distancing, improving vessel detection and access management to name a few.

G- Safe

Smart Bank unlocks visual media content through cognitive media analytics by analysing customer profiles, dwell time, queue patterns, abandoned objects detection etc and then displaying them through easy to understand dashboards for decision making and alert generation.
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Graymatics uses state of the art technologies to develop its solutions and deliver the best results to its’ clients. We stay adept with industry trends and update our core technology tools to match your requirements


This Self Assembly Training Engine can be used to upload different types of datasets for annotated and creation. The technology can help classify images, check the level of confidence and match them with our prediction models.


Graymatics has developed a cloud-based Video Analytics platform called IVAaaS (Integrated Video Analytics as a Service), which telecommunications carriers could deploy for their enterprise clients from their cloud accounts. This will offer Video Analytics in a highly versatile, flexible, pay-as-you-go, and easy to use manner, as a service offering.

Our Market Places

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The most innovative Indian-ASEAN tech for Smart City
First company to be selected by Singapore’s PMO for their new Global Executive Entrepreneurship Award

One of the global 50 smartest companies selected by Silicon

Top 10 best IT companies
Top 10 most Disruptive Face & Image Recognition Solution Providers of 2020 by Analytics Insights Magazine
Top 30 fastest growing companies in Asia 2019 by Silicon Review
Top 25 retail solutions provider by CIO
Top companies detecting violence within videos by Reuters

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