Video Analytics for Retail Business

G-Safe: Video Analytics for Banks and Financial Institutions

From customer profiling to intruder detection, G-Safe allows banks to develop a safer and operational efficient workflow that ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

Video Analytics for Banks and Financial Institutions

What is G-Safe

G-Safe is a premier video AI solution for smarter and more efficient commercial banks. From customer profiling to intruder detection, it allows banks to develop a safer and operational efficient workflow that ultimately leads to a better customer experience. G-Safe uses cognitive media analytics to monitor customer demographics (such as age, ethnicity, and gender). Our technology also analyses staff presence, to ensure a good experience for customers with short queues and assistance. 

Our video analytics solution also secures the bank by identifying and alerting security of any spotted threats. Actively detect fire hazards and smoke, along with intrusions and loitering. Get alerts whenever customers act suspicious or abandoned objects are found left in the space. Count and track every vehicle in the parking lot and/or near the location, analyzing number plates and for how long they have been parked. 

This data derived from these video feeds and presented through user-friendly dashboards can be used as a backbone for all decision-making. The data can be used to better understand branches, like how efficient the use of the space is (by analizying heat maps) or how long/short queues are. Comparisons can be then be drawn between the branches to see which ones are performing better and more efficiently, to gather intelligence on how others could improve. 

Few of our Key Features

Customer Data Analytics

Customize your activities and store layout through G-Safe’s features that can analyse crowd entering the store, monitor the conversion rate, distinguish customer demographics through face detection, track customer dwell time through heat maps.

Staff Flow

Optimize the placement of staff by leveraging our dashboards that would display and trigger alerts through long queue analysis thereby improving customer experience by reducing customer wait time.


Loitering Detection

Protect premises and properties by automatically recognizing suspicious behaviour. If loiteing is detected, real-time notification will be sent to security personnel and alarm be turned on.

Intrusion Detection

Redefine safety and surveillance in your premises by detecting intruders in forbidden areas within the site, monitoring unwanted objects in the area and triggering alerts in the event of suspicious activities.

Edge Solutions

Improve focused decision making through edge dedicated monitoring of day to day activities, developing solutions and studying Customer Experience and Customer satisfaction to better understand each branch's performance.

Vehicle Identification

Accelerate vehicle entry by enabling name plate and model recognition and harness the strength of data by keeping your premise secure through Urban Vision’s automated vehicle tracking

Key benefits


G-Safe helps bankmanagers by keeping track of every aspect of the activity in the site at all times, something that humans and ordinary CCTV cannot do. Click below to see a simple demonstration of some of our offerings.

Queue Managemet

Manage queues and wait times in the site. Set up alerts when wait time or queue is too long to open new counters for a better customer experience.


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