Vista Karma: Video Analytics for Construction

LabVista is a video streaming analysis solution for smart manufacturing, staff & visitor analytics, detection of workplace accidents, process optimization, quality control, and safety gear compliance.

What is VistaKarma

VistaKarma is a video analytics solution for smart infrastructure. The purpose of VistaKarma is to make construction safer and more efficient to optimise the process by ensuring the proper use of the space and conducting quality control checks on the project. Our analytics offer continuous quality checks, including to pre fabricated material, to spot any defects before added to the construction. This ensures that products comply to standards and are not missing any components.

Graymatics provides Video analytics solution for Construction, Safer and more efficient to by monitoring access through facial recognition.

Another important element of VistaKarma is that it makes the construction process safer for employees, and it achieves that by detecting possible workplace accidents, or accidents that happened and need assistance, employee usage of the proper safety equipment, detection of smoke and possible fires, as well as employee issues and altercations. Vista Karma even detects accident-prone machinery and can alert and warn personnel when they are in the presence of such devices. The technology also works as an access control device, by monitoring access through facial recognition, and tracking the location of unauthorized personnel. This technology is hugely beneficial in ensuring that employee safety and work efficiency is a top priority in the manufacturing industry.

Few of our Key Features

Intrusion Detection

Redefine safety and surveillance in your premises by detecting intruders in forbidden areas, monitoring unwanted objects, and triggering alerts in the event of suspicious activities.

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Process Optimization

Enhance infrastructure development and process by monitoring pre fabricated material, screen various defects and tracking all steps and development of the project.

Quality Control

Simplify the quality check process by reviewing pre fabircated, identifying missing components and driving ergonimical decision making thereby upkeeping safety and compliance standards.

Accident Detection and Prevention

Protect your employees and premises by deploying safety measures through alerts triggered upon detection of fires, sparks, flooding, collisions, worker altercations and unwanted objects.

Access Control

Safeguard your workplace by identifying workers through face recognition, catching unauthorised visitors through alerts triggered and tracking suspicious persons or objects.

Worker Safety

Improve workplace safety adherence by monitoring safety gears, identifying accident prone machinery and zones and raising alerts when employees become proximate to these areas.

Key benefits


VistaKarma helps project managers by keeping track of every aspect of the activity in the site at all times, something that humans and ordinary CCTV cannot do. Click below to see a simple demonstration of some of our offerings.

Vehicle and Visitor Identification

Keep track of vehicles and visitors through SiteInsights’ features that can monitor important data, trigger alerts in the event of suspicious activities and expedite vehicle and visitor entry


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