Avoid harmful events and mishaps by keeping a hawk’s eye on any suspicious activities in your premises by SiteInsight’s features that trigger alerts upon detection of irregular activity

What is SiteInsights

SiteInsight offers video analytics solutions for building management. There are a number of concerns when operating buildings, such as the safety and security of employees, as well as the security of the building. SiteInsight removes a lot of the stress on building managers by actively detecting fire hazards, such as individuals smoking in non-smoking areas, as well as detecting intrusion, loitering and abandoned objects.

This technology can count and track every vehicle that enters the building, analysing number plates to ensure that only licensed vehicles enter. It keeps track of available parking spaces in a car park, and alerts relevant personnel if it detects any suspicious activity or vehicle theft.

SiteInsight ensures that buildings are kept clean and safe at all times, alerting relevant personnel if it detects damage to an elevator, unattended objects and keeps track of the amount of people in an elevator at any one time. This technology also acts as an attendance management system, using facial recognition to track the entry and departure times of employees. It then inserts the employee information into one central database for convenience, which removes the administrative burden from building managers.

Few of our Key Features

Access Control

Safeguard your building by identifying residents or visitors through face recognition, catching unauthorised visitors through alerts triggered and tracking suspicious persons or objects.


Loitering detection

Protect premises and properties by automatically recognizing suspicious behaviour. If loiteing is detected, real-time notification will be sent to security personnel and alarm be turned on.

Intrusion Detection

Re define safety and surveillance in your premises by detecting intruders in forbidden areas within the building, monitoring unwanted objects in the area and triggering alerts in the event of suspicious activities.

Attendance management

Edit employee shift times and manage team to get insights on staff performance and attendance, such as lateness, on a real time basis, complete with daily reports.

Violence Detection

Strengthen the safety of your premise by incorporating this feature that would detect crowds, vandalising and one-on-one violence, subsequently generating alerts.

Parking Management

Optimize parking management by detecting empty spaces and parking queues through real time data and provide Automatic boom barrier access through automatic number place detection.

Vehicle Identification

Accelerate vehicle entry by enabling name plate and model recognition and harness the strength of data by keeping your premise secure through Urban Vision’s automated vehicle tracking

Key benefits


SiteInsights revolutionizes building management with advanced facial recognition video analytics. It helps building managers by keeping track of every aspect of the activity in a building at all times, something that humans and ordinary CCTV cannot do. Click below to see a simple demonstration of some of our offerings.

Vehicle and Visitor Identification

Keep track of vehicles and visitors through SiteInsights’ features that can monitor important data, trigger alerts in the event of suspicious activities and expedite vehicle and visitor entry


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