Urban Vision: Video Analytics for Traffic Monitoring

Urban Vision is a video analytics solution for smart cities, specifically designed for traffic monitoring. The goal of Urban Vision is to provide solutions for efficiency, sustainability, security and people.

What Is Urban Vision

Smart Infrastructure

One branch of UrbanVision is Smart Infrastructure, which provides video analytics solutions for airport management by monitoring the length of taxi lines and detecting suspicious behaviour of travelers. Smart Infrastructure is also vital in monitoring traffic flow, as well as detecting roadblocks and accidents. If the CCTV camera becomes suspicious of a certain vehicle it can detect the car model, the speed at which it is traveling and even the registration plate for further tracking.

Smart Public Services

Urban Vision also boasts a Smart Public Services project, using technology to monitor queues and large groups to keep track of crowd control, and is capable of alerting necessary authorities if a crowd or a queue exceeds limits. This technology can also detect violence, such as a fight breaking out and suspicious behaviour, such as camera tampering. Smart Public Services technology even helps to keep cities clean by alerting the necessary personnel when litter is found. This technology is crucial in creating a safer, cleaner, more efficient environment.

Few of our Key Features

Vehicle Identification

Accelerate vehicle entry by enabling name plate and model recognition and harness the strength of data by keeping your premise secure through Urban Vision’s automated vehicle tracking

Traffic Flow

Leverage this feature to detect a variety of visual content like road blocks, traffic deadlocks, accidents, license plate, vehicle model and vehicle speed.

Airport Management

Fortify the tracking system and safety of airports with this feature of UrbanVision that enables tracking of people across airports, taxi lines and detection of suspicious behaviour of travellers.

Violence Detection

Strengthen the safety of your premise by incorporating this feature that would detect crown and one-on-one violence and generate alerts.

Suspicious Behaviour

Strengthen the safety of your premise by incorporating this feature that triggers alerts whenever this is suspicious behaviour or camera tampering.

Queue Management

Manage large queues by analysing traffic flow and queue formation from different time periods and generate staff alerts whenever the queue size exceeds pre decided thresholds.

Litter Management

Maintain the cleanliness and Hygiene of your surroundings by using this feature that would auto trigger and generate alerts to deploy personnel whenever litter is spotted, identify defaulters through facial detection and analyse litter patterns.

Key Benefits


The benefits of UrbanVision are multi-fold in Smart Cities and Smart Public Services are
multifold. Click below to see a simple demonstration of some of our offerings.

People Count And Traction

Secure the premise by using UrbanVision’s cognitive media analytics technology to keep track of the number of people entering your premise, to detect the trail each person has taken and to trigger alerts whenever a trespasser enters a forbidden location. Use this data to report Automated Personal details to nearest Health safety/Security on the go through centralised App in case of hazard or violation.

Traffic flow and vehicle identification

Leverage video analytics for traffic monitoring to maintain traction of traffic by reviewing the flow, detecting the type of vehicles, and implementing traffic management decisions through Urban Vision’s features and detailed dashboards.

Suspicious Behavior Detection

Identify criminals and troublemakers by UrbanVision’s
technology that can detect violence and suspicious behaviour like vandalising and spraying graffiti to name a few. This information can be used to implement a resource management based on security breach/hazard breakout.


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