IVAaaS platform

Graymatics has developed a cloud-based Video Analytics platform called IVAaaS (Integrated Video Analytics as a Service), which telecommunications carriers could deploy for their enterprise clients from their cloud accounts. This will offer Video Analytics in a highly versatile, flexible, pay-as-you-go, and easy to use manner, as a service offering.

What Is It?

IVAaaS is designed to handle 1000s of Analytics on a vast network with a highly scalable design that lets you expand your presence seamlessly – via small-scale and large-scale deployments.

Custom Levels Of Access

Create different levels of users in the system
as needed by customers.

These users can have different access
permissions and roles as defined.

Simple And Intuitive

Our Minimalistic Layout With
Simple Navigation Makes Life

Configuring Analytics

Use our platform that follows a straight-forward design which makes configuring analytics at every camera possible and easy even for a first-timer.

Easy Monitoring and Delegation of Alerts

Authorized users can delegate the
alerts among them to review
the incidents.

Detailed Dashboards

A wide range of Reports and Visualizations can be displayed in the Dashboard based on the Customers’ requirements.

Custom Layouts

Choose from multiple color palettes and customize logos and navigations.
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